What’s on?

The original Savoy style Lindy Hop club. Now voted the friendliest club in Britain
 If it’s your birthday, come and have a free dance with us.
There’s also a chance to get in totally free by hanging onto your entrance ticket until the prize draw every month at 9.30pm. Your chance to win free entry the following month.
On our new look social dance nights we open the doors at 7.00pm and have a Beginners Lindy Hop taster class at 7.15pm, a class suitable for absolute beginners and intermediates alike. Plus one of our finest DJs at 8.00 playing without doubt, some of the best swing music in the land. Our top notch bands feature the best Swing musicians money can buy. Entrance £15 (or £12 unwaged) for the whole evening.
We celebrate The Savoy Ballroom every month in our ballroom: The Savoy, “The home of happy feet” was largest and most renowned dance venue of the Swing Era. It not only had a rich culture of dance, but also showcased the cream of Swing bands. 
In 1993, the Lindy Hop legend Frankie Manning named our previous club, “The New Home of Happy Feet”. If you’ve not been to Stern Hall before you’re in for a treat, if you have been before, you’re in for a treat! We have international teachers, the cream of contemporary Swing bands, too many sweets, a complimentary raffle, air conditioning, great Savoy Style Lindy Hop classes, and  special guest DJs oh!, and…A GREAT, BIG BALLROOM!

Dates for 2019

27th February. Pocket Basie – They may not quite be our house band but they sure feel at home here!

27th March. The Harlem Meer Cats fly in for a special session.

24th April. Pronto Swing. You know the score, Airlie Scott’s Pronto Swing know the score, everybodie’s happy.

29th May. Palace Avenue Swing. The boys are back in town, and they’ve got Cherise with them.

26th June. Martin Wheatley’s Four Horsremen of the Apocolypse. So it’s not all doom and gloom then? We should say, NOT!

31st July. Live band TBC.

28th August. Live band TBC.

25th September. Live band TBC.

30th October. Live band TBC.

27th November. Live band TBC.

18th December  – Christmas special, Jitterbugs reunion and of course, Live band, TBC.