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Opus One is a group of enthusiastic Lindy Hoppers who are continuing the fine tradition established by Jitterbugs, Britain’s longest-running Lindy Hop club, which Julie Oram ran for over 20 years in London’s West End and which was one of the main players in the world Lindy Hop revival in the eighties thereby earning the soubriquet, “The New Home of Happy Feet ” from the master himself, Frank Manning. Staying true to this ideal Opus One hand picks some of the best Swing DJs and bands to entice dancers onto our superlative dancefloor in our spacious, air conditioned and finely renovated Art Deco hall.

Porl Smith

Porl Smith
I discovered Lindy Hop a long, long time ago and have since studied the Savoy Style in America and Europe with Frankie Manning, Ryan Francois, Lennart Westerlund, Steven Mitchell et. al., as well as its close relation American Rhythm Tap with Tobias Tac, The Clark Brothers and Ira Bernstein amongst others. This led to my being part of various semi-professional London based Lindy Hop performance groups.

In 1993 I  began a 20 year teaching partnership with Julie Oram at Jitterbugs. During this period I also taught independently across the UK. In addition I was instrumental in the founding and co-editing of two seminal Lindy Hop publications, “Lindy Turns” and “Killer Diller” as well as being a major contributor to “Hoppin’”.

More recently I was invited to Havana to spend a month training the world renowned dancers of Ballet Rakatan in the art of Lindy Hop, choreographing sections of their new show and finally introducing the dance to Cuba.

I am committed to promoting social Lindy Hop as it was danced in the “worlds finest” ballroom, The Savoy, in New York City. Stylistically I aim for an understated, laid back feel to match the improvised rhythms of the swing era and The Great American Songbook with a preference for live swing music wherever possible. I was gratified to be told by a member of The Harlem Renaissance Orchestra during my latest trip to New York that my style was, “reminiscent of his friend, the late, great Frank Manning”!


Liz Sims

Liz Sims

Although a relative newcomer to the world of Lindy Hop (having first chanced upon it a mere eight years ago) I am nonetheless passionate about the style and the music that inspired its evolution.

Whenever I hear full bodied, red blooded, no holds barred swing I feel an irresistible urge to move to the beat and Lindy Hop is the best way I know how.

For me, the dance has no life without the rhythms and harmonies which drive it, just as it is a nonsense to ponder the current of a river unchained from the water which rushes and spills, glisses and glides, eddies and flows.

I hope many of you reading this will join us at Opus One to Lindy Hop your cares away and supercharge your joie de vivre.

See you there!


Sonya Ball

Sonya new


Has been Lindy Hopping over 15 years with a decade of coaching beginners in “Kittens Korner”. She also salsas and dances jazz fusion, ‘though always with a bit of swing.








Anna Lovell



Anna will be the first to give you a warm welcome as soon as you enter our 1930’s dance hall. You may recognise her as a soul & funk DJ or perhaps a fine jeweller.





Shaun Murkett

Shaun 1


Shaun, AKA the “Mad” Hatter, is a sound man and our sound man. Also a dancing DJ and a dancing demon.








Toni Piccolo

Good Elf



A stalwart Dancing DJ, all round good guy and Dancing DJ wrangler.







Sara Shenair


For many years Sara has been active in the role of helping budding Lindy Hoppers to ‘find their feet’ and is pleased to join Opus One to continue in this vital role. She exhorts beginners to, “come and find me on the dance floor.” In another guise she specialises in the creation of bespoke vintage-esque dance gear, fabulous to wear and guaranteed to turn heads.