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Wednesday 30th October with The Harlem Meer Cats

Come and marvel at the musical magnificance of The Harlem Meer Cats this Wednesday at Opus One. If you consider the 'Jungle' sounds of Duke Ellington worthy of dancing to then this evening is a must for you. Ned Bennett and his band of wild animals will be there specifically to help you swing out with style.

No need to book or bring a partner, you can come on your own or with friends. Wear something comfortable and flat-ish shoes. Some dancers love to dress up and some don't, so wear what you like. We provide endless glasses of water and liquorice allsorts. (And a free fridge magnet.)

Dancers and the listening audience love coming here, what with the friendly atmosphere, air conditioning and the great acoustics, and they appreciate our insistence of quality Swing music.

We have a Lindy Hop / swing class suitable for absolute beginners at 7.00. Uncustomary to common practice, we teach lead and follow from the start which sets dancers on course to social dance independence in the shortest time, enabling them to Lindy Hop with anyone, anywhere.

Our Art Deco dancehall has been recently renovated with a new wood dancefloor and air conditioning (unheard of in swing clubs in Britain).

7.00. Doors open. Air con on! 

7.15. Innovative Lindy Hop warm up class for beginners. 

8.00. Social dancing with our Dancing DJ, Al Pizazz

8.30.  The Harlem Meer Cats onstage. 

£15 (£12 unwaged), cash on the door for the whole evening. 

Meer Cats as pets

Meer Cats, being wild animals, make poor pets. They can be aggressive, especially toward guests and they may also bite. They will scent-mark their owner and the house (their "territory") and play Swing music all night long..

Opus One has been voted the friendliest club in Britain 2017 -19 How do we do it?... Read more.

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☆☆☆☆☆ Please move your club to Madrid and then I can dance there every month! Sebastián Lòpez, Spain.