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Wednesday 27th March

with the Harlem Meer Cats.

Expert tuition from the the professor of Swing -The Cat in a Hat. And claim a free gift on the door.

7.00. Doors open.

7.15. Warm up beginners Lindy Hop clas.

800. DJ The "Mad" Hatter.

8.30. The Harlem Meer Cats on stage.

£15 all in (£12 unwaged) all in

No need to book or bring a partner, just turn up.

There are few animals on earth who work as well together as the Meer Cats.


"Meerkat" is a loanword from Afrikaans (pronounced [ˈmɪərkat]). The word meerkat is Dutch for "lake cat", but although the genus suricata is a feliform, it is not of the cat family. The word possibly started as a Dutch adaptation of a derivative of Sanskrit markaṭa = "ape" perhaps in Africa via an Indian sailor on board a Dutch East India Company ship.

The Meer Cats were introduced to Harlem when the East India trade ships arrived at New Amsterdam after the colony of New Netherland was founded in 1642.

Rapidly establishing themselves in their new habitat they proved popular with the locals, infusing the area with the jungle sounds of Duke Ellington.


Meer Cats are excellent musicians, living in large underground networks with multiple entrances which they leave only during the evenings, except for occasional gigs in the heat of the afternoon.[32] They are very social creatures and they live in colonies together.[15] Animals in the same group jam together regularly. Ned Bennett, the alpha male often leads the group to Marble Arch where there may be up to 100 fans of the group.[15]

To look out for dancers, one or more Meer Cats stand sentry, to warn others of approaching dancers.[34] When a dancer is spotted, the Meer Cat performing as sentry gives a warning bark or whistle, and other members of the group immediately take up their instruments.[35]

Like many species, Meer Cat young learn by observing and mimicking adult behaviour, though adults also engage in active instruction. For example, Meer Cat adults teach their pups how to play sublime Swing in the style of the Jazz Age greats.[37]

Despite this altruistic behaviour, Meer Cats sometimes quote (borrow riffs) from young members of their group. Subordinate Meer Cats have been heard to describe senior members as "killer diller" in order to improve their own offspring's position.[38]

When colonies are exposed to human presence for a long time, they will play as often as possible, which allows for documentation of their natural behaviour. It is not unusual for camera crews, who must largely stay still for long periods while filming, to be utilised as convenient sentry posts.[39]

Meer Cats as pets

Meer Cats, being wild animals, make poor pets. They can be aggressive, especially toward guests and they may also bite. They will scent-mark their owner and the house (their "territory") and play Swing music all night long.

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