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We're all waiting with bated breath until the time we can get out dancing once more. We hear on the grapevine Killer Diller has just reissued KD4 on its Facebook page where you can read up on the goings on of 1990 Lindy Hoppers. Fearless & Frank are in there, along with contemporary dancers and musicians. There's a fair amount of historical info and a little mis info. Rather like todays internet only with CRTs and dial-up only options!

Here's a taster:


In the 30’s most New York clubs and bars had bouncers to eject rowdy customers. Those at the Savoy were the toughest of them all. "If you were wrong, they would throw you out twice," recalled Count Basie's trumpeter Buck Clayton. "First they would take you to the steps going downstairs and throw you down the steps. Then they would come down the steps themselves and finish by throwing you out of the front door. Many a troublemaker had to go to the Harlem Hospital with broken arms or legs."


On his last visit to the South Bank, Ray Alexander, the US jazz vibes veteran told how he was once stranded without his instrument and the other members of his entourage at the start of an important gig. He was obliged by the management to go on stage without them to appease the restless audience. With only a set of drums in front of him he had little alternative but to open the set with some nimble brush and high hat work. He was astonished to see some dancers stepping out to his solo percussive beats. After several minutes of this a wag from the dancefloor shouted, "Play I left my heart in San Francisco", "What do you think I've been playing?" he countered ...

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