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Wednesday 25h July 2018.

Wheatley's Lucky Stars - You can come on your own or with friends. Opus One was voted the friendliest club in Britain 2017 and we're already on our way to win that coveted award in 2018.

We must have a lucky star to be graced with the talents of tonights band - Wheatley’s Lucky Stars. Martin Wheatley is perhaps the doyen of all things guitar shaped and this evening he brings his Lucky Stars to Opus One to treat us to some swinging music on his slide guitar. It goes without saying, he has some some of the finest musical "chaps" supporting him. (The traditional pronunciation of the word chaps, when referring to a garment, is with a "sh" sound (as in shave), rather than "ch" (as in chime). This reflects the similar pronunciation of chaparral. The authentic pronunciation by both the working and rodeo cowboy of the American West is "shaps.")

We have a fun warm up swing class suitable for absolute beginners at 7.15. Every patron has the chance of winning a free entry next month, ask Anna on the front desk for details. Our Art Deco dancehall has been recently renovated with a new wood floor and air conditioning (unheard of in swing clubs in Britain). The entrance fee of £15 (or £12 unwaged) reflect the high quality of the band and class.

Bring your your good selves, wear something comfortable and flat-ish shoes. Some dancers love to dress up and some don't, so wear what you like. We provide endless glasses of water and liquorice allsorts.

7.00 Doors open, air con. on

7.15 Lindy Hop Lesson (Intro/reminder why Frank Manning is the greatest)

8.00 Our DJ starts us off on the social dancefloor.

8.30 The Lucky Stars onstage.

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- ☆☆☆☆☆ Fantastic place & fantastic teacher !! I felt addicted since the first evening ... Plus they host bands once a month, definitely a great experience :) Thanks Opus One for all this. Quentin Coutellier, London


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